ARP Hotline (406) 291-5335
This hotline is both for homeowners and contractors who may live in or be working in properties with potential asbestos contamination.
We recommend calling the hotline BEFORE you start your project to see if the property has already had an investigation and if there has been any kind of removal.
Any sign of vermiculite may be an indicator of Libby amphibole asbestos!
When to Call the Hotline:
  • If you think that you found vermiculite inside or outside your house
  • If you think that you found vermiculite outside while landscaping or gardening
  • If you plan to remodel, demolish or excavate any property
  • If you encounter vermiculite during remodeling, demolition or excavation activities
The ARP Can Help You By:

Providing you with information on:

  • Contamination present at a property
  • Identifying vermiculite and other asbestos sources
  • Methods for reducing exposure and managing small quantities of vermiculite
  • Local, state and federal requirements for renovation and demolition

Conducting site visits to determine if contamination may be present

Recommend removal activities by the EPA and also serve as a liaison during those activities