There are a number of places asbestos may be found in a home, yard or construction site. It is important for contractors to recognize the risks not only for themselves and employees, but for the homeowner and family as well.

Contact the ARP Hotline at 406-291-5335 before starting any job with potential asbestos exposure risks.

What to consider before renovating or demolishing:
  • Do contact the ARP Hotline before renovating or demolishing
  • Do check local, state and federal regulations regarding renovation and demolition of buildings.
  • Do use point-of-cut ventilation techniques when pulling, cutting or accessing behind boards or wall coverings.
  • Do use a HEPA vacuum at the point of access or disturbance to minimize dust migration and lessen potential exposure.
  • Do use water to moisten the area being demolished to minimize dust.
  • Do rinse off any equipment with in the work area.
  • Do keep all debris wet and covered with a tarp during transportation.
  • Do dispose of debris according to local, state and federal laws including landfill specific requirements.


You may come into contact with vermiculite during:
  • Renovating: Removing old carpets or drywall, installing celling fans or removing wall outlets, taking down walls, putting in windows
  • Routine landscaping: Gardening, rototilling or mowing
  • Extensive digging: Septic systems, sprinklers or water lines


If you find possible vermiculite:
For a small quantity, such as a handful of vermiculite, found outside, wet it and call the ARP Hotline. If possible, leave the material alone. Regular dust masks are not effective in reducing exposure to LA.

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter vacuums are effective on small quantities of vermiculite indoors. NEVER vacuum vermiculite with a regular vacuum. Use a HEPA vacuum to remove dust from previously inaccessible locations such as under recently removed carpets, appliances and furniture.

For larger quantities of vermiculite, do not disturb the material. Do not vacuum, even with a HEPA vacuum. Leave the material alone and call the ARP Hotline. b areas where you can see vermiculite. If it is a place you intend to work in, cover the vermiculite and call the ARP Hotline.