The purpose of this regulation is to reduce the possibility of the public’s exposure to Libby amphibole (LA) asbestos as the result of Applicable Activities, defined as:

  1. Excavation, grading, and landscaping;
  2. Interior or exterior demolition, repair, modification, disturbance of material, or remodeling of permanent or temporary structures;
  3. Transfer of real property regardless of whether any comfort letter has been issued by USEPA or any other agency;
  4. Change in Land Use Category or Property Use Area as used in Sections 2.3 and 4.2 of the Remedial Design Report, Revision 1, Libby Asbestos Site Operable Units 4 & 7 (April 5, 2017); and
  5. Any dividing of land, including through subdivision, family transfer, Court-ordered division, or other division of land.

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